Photo scanning
Color or B&W up to 8 X 10

Each photo is hand scanned one at a time.
Scanning is done at a resolution of 300 to 600 dpi.
All scans are put on a DVD for use on your computer and printing.
All original photos are returned in original condition and are not altered in any way.

           Price per image:

Up to         500        .35
500   to    1000        .30
Over        1000        .25

.15 per image charge for custom image enhancement:

  • Re-orientation
  • Cropping
  • Scratch and dust removal
  • Color correction
  • Red-eye removal

Standard photo montage includes:

  • Photographs presented as is with crossfade transition effect.
  • Beginning and ending title.
  • Automatic chapter markers, which are used to skip to any section of the DVD.
  • Standard background music.
  • Full DVD Menus with a title of your choice.
  • Custom printed DVD and DVD case with custom insert.


0.50 ¢ per image

Premium photo montage includes:
  • Photographs - professional editing including color, brightness and red eye correction.
  • Custom zoom/pan effect on photographs of your choice and multiple transitions.
  • Multiple titles on photographs of your choice.
  • Customized chapter markers, which are used to skip to any section of the DVD.
  • Your choice of music with photos matching to music.
  • Custom printed DVD and DVD case with custom insert.
0.60 ¢ per image

Additional DVD copies in custom printed case - 

$  4.00

Additional DVD copies in plain sleeve -    $  3.00

Let us put your old photos onto DVD

Click on the video below to see a Premium photo montage.

How do you get it from there to here?

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make an appointment to drop it off.
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A new fan

Standard Photo

I had a bunch of photo prints that I wanted scanned to DVD so I could upload them to my computer. The photos were of my Mom and all the important people in her life. She passed away 5 years ago and I wanted to do a photo tribute to her life on Facebook and tag her friends and family. Some of the photos were old and some were even torn. I gave all the photos to Steve and he did a amazing job! Not only did he transfer the pictures to DVD but he also retouched everyone of them and they look absolutely beautiful. The attention to detail in the photos was incredible. He put both the touched and untouched versions of the photos on DVD so I could choose the ones I liked best. Thank you so much Steve for all the work you did!! Thanks to you, I was able to make a beautiful tribute. I would recommend to everyone!! ~Tara B. St. James, NY

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No deposit is required.
Payment is made after your services
are complete.